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The story behind Miranda Zhang's artworks

New York-based artist Miranda Fengyuan Zhang's fiber works exist at the border of abstraction and representation. She combines a free and formal approach to knitting and weaving, depicting semi-abstract landscapes and animal using leftover industrial threads from Chinese factories. Zhang's artworks are now available on Platform, a new online destination for collecting contemporary art from today's most in-demand artists.

1. What drew you to using textiles as your medium?

I have always been drawn to materials that involve the action of the body. Inspired by my grandmother, who, during difficult times, unraveled jumpers to knit new ones with interesting shapes and colors, I began to collect leftover yarns from factories in China…and then I just started knitting. That was the beginning of my knitted paintings series.

2. Your work embodies moments and experiences from your past. How do you recognize an impactful moment that will later become art?

It’s a visceral process, my body always knows it before my thoughts.

3. What’s your favorite thing to do in your downtime right now?

To be honest, I don’t have much downtime right now. If I do, I like to take walks with my dad and treat him to a nice dinner. He works very hard as my first assistant. :)

4. What have you been creating during the past 1.5 years of quarantine?

I’ve been continuing my hand-knitted works as well as developing knowledge and skill of weaving on my loom. It’s really about building a relationship with the materials and the tools.

5. What makes you feel most empowered?

Working and being with nature.

6. How does your work inform your style?

It’s utilitarian, comfortable, and timeless.

7. What about the Altuzarra SS22 collection makes you feel most confident?

The collection enhances and empowers femininity—while still being comfortable to wear.



Platform is a new online destination for collecting contemporary art, with artworks for sale from today's most in-demand emerging artists, presented by gallery partners across the country.

Ming Smith discusses her work and how her past informs her present

1. How does your work inform your style?

I love to shoot in comfortable and elegant clothing with high-quality fabric. I tend to be trendier, and I love the meeting point of classic and comfort.

2. What makes you feel most empowered?

When I'm creating and I'm really loving my creation, whether singularly or in a group setting.

3. You have photographed some of the great artists from Grace Jones to James Baldwin. Looking back on those moments, did you recognize these photographs would be so impactful?

No. I just wanted to visually capture how I felt about these artists. They were already impactful.

4. What was it like being at Studio 54 with Grace Jones?

It was joyful, loving, soulful, and powerful seeing how other people celebrated the spirit, and perseverance of Grace.

5. What's your favorite thing to do in your downtime right now?

Dancing and looking at classic films.

6. What have you been photographing during quarantine, if at all?

Street scenes and nature. Of course there are lots of pictures of masked people and families in the park and street, capturing how they're surviving the pandemic. I've also done some portraiture assignments for a few magazines.